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Games and game playing are my specialties, and because I particularly like riddles, they will pop up where you least expect them. (Check out Apollonius’s circuitous route around the Mediterranean by clicking on Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri). Locating the places Apollonius visits keeps the plot straight and prompts joy and laughter in the classroom!

Rather than replicating the traditional image of Gower shooting his arrows at the world, we wanted the world to be his backdrop in order to represent the global reach and “worldliness” of Gower studies. Here, the author is aiming at the phrase that describes the poet’s literary philosophy and The Gower Project’s dedication to bringing the study of that poetry into the twenty-first century. The poet’s major works, the Vox Clamantis, the Speculum Meditantis (a.k.a. Speculum Hominis or Mirour de’lomme ), and the Confessio Amantis are located directly beneath the archer, providing the foundation (the oeuvre) upon which he stands. The colors and shapes that appear here, inspired by Gower’s tomb at Southwark Cathedral, visually connect the past to the present, that place to wherever you are right now. As you can see, the poet is depicted in three active and upright ways—the worldly archer, the miniature statue, and the Lego Gower. The books on our bookshelf are not unwieldy and immovable objects, as they often were in the past, but rather easily handled and freely accessible. This is a version of Gower’s library that we expect will grow exponentially as The Gower Project evolves.